From: Mike Fisher (
Date: 02/15/00

I am having a problem with my prompt.   It doesn't show up unless I type in
a command, below is the code.

char *make_prompt(struct descriptor_data *d)
  static char prompt[256];

  if (d->showstr_count)
    sprintf(prompt,"\r[ Return to continue, (q)uit, (r)efresh, (b)ack, or
page number (%d/%d) ]",
    d->showstr_page, d->showstr_count);

    else if (STATE(d) == CON_PLAYING && !IS_NPC(d->character))
    write_to_descriptor(d->descriptor, prompt_str(d->character));
     *prompt = '\0';

  return prompt;

Any help would be very greatly appriciated.



P.S. Sorry about the first post.

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