Re: Sorry about where can I get this MUD.

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 02/16/00

>     Hi friends. I don't want to make a copy of another MUD, but I don't know
> C++ very well. I want the sources only for understand better what I'm
> doing...
>     Where can I get the source of EliteMUD?
        For elitemud, in particular, the current implementor there
actually had to steal it from the original owner (who had abandoned it,
and so it was a very unchanging mud).  For his part though, he is rather
paranoid, especially about his code.  From what i hear, any of the coders
for the mud atually submit patches to him, which he installs.

        Maybe that policy has changed....but I doubt you'll get code
anyway. You'll probably just be ignored.

        In anycase, almost every mud out there is a conglomeration which
starts by downloading the circle mud code base, and adding on your own
personal code as well as patches, etc.  No one is under any requirement to
release their code to the public, or any one person, and because of the
likely hood of copying, most don't.

        If you would like to see mud implementations for circle, the best
place to start would be in the circlemud ftp directory,  There are a few muds in
there.  Your chance of getting a 'live' mud though, is very very minute.


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