Re: Sorry about where can I get this MUD.

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 02/16/00

> >                 Anyway, sounds good less i hear something different?
> UNIX has file level security.  Why bother writing code to do what 'chmod'
> already does just as well?

        Two things:

        1. not my server. my particular mud has been stolen by the server
operatior in the past, though I was not affiliated with it at that time.
        2. all coders + mud source share a common shell.

and as to the other things:

         I patch rarely, and the mud I work on is modified enough that it's
faster to read right out of the patch (if it's got the function names) and
write it in myself.  I do not have the ability now to upgrade anything via
patches that is a major project.  I usually end up figuring out a way to
duplicate functionality I need by myself anyway.

        What makes you think if I use a library that the resulting product
cannot be debugged? Have you ever really had to access the code for the
entire glibc? How about the string or math library?  Granted, it could
crash on those functions, but just cause they're in a library doesn't mean
they're immutable or inaccessable - just that only people i trust would
have access.

-people who don't know how to program learning from my code
        I really doubt I'd let people who can't code, code.  If they do,
they'd never end up altereing functions which I specifically picked as
both 'backbone' and 'not subject to frequent change'.  They'd be writing
skills, spells, and perhaps updating entries relating to olc or new
(simple) commands.

        I also don't see it as a question of ethics really, I do trust all
my programmers, but I don't have control over the system.  There's nothing
to stop the admin from distributing my code, nor for disgruntled people to
either.  The other uses on the machine could probably even pick it up if
they really wanted to, whether through explots or server misconfi, or my
(or my coder's) errors.  I can't even say that this server is even
effectively secured, so I have to assume anyone has access to it.


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