Re: Usage of obj->next and obj->next_content

From: Ben Cartwright (
Date: 02/18/00

> Arn't those two redundant?  From my checking, you can have
> Person.inventory object->next->next->next
>                     \      \-contains->next
>                      \->contains->next->next->next
>                                     \->contains
> without ever needing the next_content.  Is that just around for historical
> reasons?  I'm attempting to simplify somewhat and redo the load/save
> Am I totally off-base or can this be brought in-line?

struct obj_data {
   struct obj_data *next_content; /* For 'contains' lists             */
   struct obj_data *next;         /* For the object list              */

    Actually, unless I am mistaken, the next pointer is used soley for the
global linked list of objects, and is not referenced at all when you are
moving objects around.  next_content is used in separate linked lists,
headed by either room_data.contents, char_data.carrying, or
    For verification, you can just dig through handler.c, which contains all
the linked-list management functions.

--Ben Cartwright

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