Re: Sorry about where can I get this MUD.

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 02/18/00

> Hrmmm, an interesting idea might be to set up your own login and
> restricted shell inside the shell you are given, a moderate amount of
> perl scripting would probably be needed for this and you could assign
> all your programers user names and maintain a database with encrypted
> passwords, then they have to do a double-login, first they telnet (or
> ssh) to the shell account and then the .bash_profile will launch a
> secondary login/authentication with thier assigned username/passwd which
> then gives them access to a restricted shell that you control, you can
> maintain filelists for each programmer to only allow them access to
> ceartain files, and do a host of other things to limit them
> appropriately (use your imagination).  You set it up so that you and
> your most trusted programmers will have access to the full shell also.

        This is a good idea; my first on this thread actually, but I
discounted it because of the lack of good control allowed.  You could
start at the same problems net providers experience when they change
someone's login shell from a valid one to '/bin/false'.  They still have
access, and if they're tenacioius, usually they can still use the
account/change it back.  Trying to give them partial access would be

> Another possibility would be to set it up to allow a limited amount of
> programming from within the MUD itself, you could use a modified form of
> the tedit and file (patch/snippet?) along with copyover and then write a
> simple command to run ./configure and make from inside the MUD.
        Good idea, but same problems.  Though I did want to have it so I
could shell out from within the mud, it was for reasons other than
security.  I was just curious how much could be done using the mud as an
access control + log generator.  It'd be nice for management reasons.


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