Re: [OFF-TOPIC] Autorun Modification

From: Ryan Le Gros (
Date: 02/19/00

A: That is not the proper message.
B: The message is not in the archives because the message was sent to me
personally and not the list.


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> Ryan Le Gros wrote:
> >
> > No but it would take a lot of archive sifting without a date. And IMHO,
> > list is meant to help people with questions, dont get on my case about
> > re-posting a question when I see questions repeatedly recycled here time
> > again. Noone made you List Moderator. If all you have to say consists of
> > smartass remarks, keep them to yourself please.
> I searched the archives and found the message you're looking for in less
> time than it's taking me to write this.  If you aren't willing to spend
> the time to search the archives for an answer that you KNOW is in there,
> then why do you expect someone else to take even more of thier time to
> do the same?
> And just to show you that I'm not as cold as you would believe here is
> what you're looking for...
> Regards, Peter
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