Re: [OFF-TOPIC] Autorun Modification

From: Peter Ajamian (
Date: 02/19/00

Ryan Le Gros wrote:
> No but it would take a lot of archive sifting without a date. And IMHO, this
> list is meant to help people with questions, dont get on my case about
> re-posting a question when I see questions repeatedly recycled here time and
> again. Noone made you List Moderator. If all you have to say consists of
> smartass remarks, keep them to yourself please.

I searched the archives and found the message you're looking for in less
time than it's taking me to write this.  If you aren't willing to spend
the time to search the archives for an answer that you KNOW is in there,
then why do you expect someone else to take even more of thier time to
do the same?

And just to show you that I'm not as cold as you would believe here is
what you're looking for...

Regards, Peter

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