Re: [OFF-TOPIC] Autorun Modification

From: Ryan Le Gros (
Date: 02/19/00

No but it would take a lot of archive sifting without a date. And IMHO, this
list is meant to help people with questions, dont get on my case about
re-posting a question when I see questions repeatedly recycled here time and
again. Noone made you List Moderator. If all you have to say consists of
smartass remarks, keep them to yourself please.


> Ryan Le Gros wrote:
> >
> > A few weeks back I posted a message asking if anyone had modified
autorun in
> > such a way that i could run it in a cronjob and I received a reply from
> > someone with the changed he had made to do so. Unfortunately today,
> > Mandrake caused a hard partition error and i lost 6 gigs of unbacked up
> > as well as my email archives. If that person who posted the changes
would be
> > so kind as to report them I would greatly appreciate it.
> And I take it that your HDD crash corrupted the CircleMUD list archives
> also?

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