ASCII Pfile Help

From: Dave Ely (
Date: 02/19/00

Hello again, I'm looking for a kind soul that has instituted the ascii2 pfile and has it working
without any problems.  I cleared up the crashing problem I had, but I'm not 100% sure if it
was the best solve.

basically when you did a shutdown
the fclose(player_fl) was bombing, and I am assuming this was my problem, being that the
player_fl is no longer used?  by /* remarking */ it out, it cleared my Seg Fault crashes
when rebooting.

but my plr_index file is still screwy with blank records being inserted

0 name 0 0 0

and I've checked my code vs the patch and it's the same.

I have stepped through the plr_index create and can't tell why it would put the blank records
in, and also have noticed teh plr_index never reindexes itself, so if someone deletes itself
the index # is nnever fixed.

Thank you again, and if you want to contact me directly that is fine, I will post a fix to my bizzare
solutionn to the list when it's fixed, or if it ever is :(
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