Re: [CODE] perform_immort_invis bugfix

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 02/19/00

> No. It's more complicated.
> If you order all charmies to kill 2nd charmie and 1st charmie kills 2nd
> charmie - MUD will crash because pointer to 2nd charmie is invalid.
> The solution is (I posted it long time ago):

        >SNIPPED HERE<

> Btw, currently few more functions have potential crash bugs of that
> type. They can be rewritten using additional variable (cloop_member)
> for vict's existence checking. The basic algorythm:
>  1) Cycle through victims, mark them
>  2) Cycle through victims, lookup marked ones and perform actions.
>     After every action performed, resume at 1st member of list.

        Actually, I did this, and I'm pretty sure I even posted the
snippet to do so on the list after having some problems with mobs that
were spec_proc'ed killing or otherwise removing themselves from the game.
I don't think I heard any feed back from it though...

letseee..for info, examine

Both show up.. looks like i said I'd write a patch on it...hey.. i did.

        But I don't see me actually identifying the fact that I put the
code out for public consumption. Whoops. Now you know.  It actually wraps
everything, apparently I did it in a clever manner, and so it's applicable
with mobprogs/spec_procs/misc killings/dgscripts/etc. Damn, I'm fine :)

        I still think this sort of thing (maybe cleaned up a bit) should
be put in the general distribution.

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