Re: QP System

From: Dan Merillat (
Date: 02/20/00

Del writes:
> Why modify do get..
> Know how many problems if the wrong person does a "get all corpse"?
> Leave the token in tact.
> Make a new command to exchange the token for a quest point.
> MUCH simpler.

Er, no, the same problem applies.  You pointed out a flaw in my implementation
idea... it'll have to be on do_kill()

One thing I've seen, however, is making redeeming quest tokens a non-mortal
activity.  That way if someone steals a kill/loots a corpse the token
is useless to them...  ("This card has no value until activated by the
cashier")  However, if he wants a system of auto-quests, then probably the
direct group_gain/solo_gain functions would be where to look.

I'll give the quick rundown for solo_gain.

right after change_alignment() (the last function call in solo_gain) put:
        if (GET_QP(victim)) {
                GET_QP(ch) += GET_QP(victim);
                sprintf(buf2, "You receive %d quest points.\r\n", GET_QP(victim));
                send_to_char(buf2, ch);

... this eliminates the need for item tokens at all.


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