Re: Aliases

From: Dan Merillat (
Date: 02/20/00

Del writes:

> Try this, force all save..
> This would be worse than everyone within a 5-30 second timeframe on
> adding aliases.

Saved a character 1000 times: 1.7 seconds.

Granted, saving 1000 different characters would be a bit more
expensive because of cache/etc, but I don't see this as a huge slowdown.

If it is, simply putting a one second lag on players using the save command
would stop that problem dead.

Biggest thing is avoiding item duplication.... I'm pondering setting
"dirty" bits on players when items/money gets transfered and having any
save act like a sync() on a unix filesystem... every "dirty" player
gets written.  Since the system is fast, even if there were 1000 players
on, all "dirty", the mud would only pause for a second.

Do it on a regular basis (Every minute or so) and the whole problem
goes away.

Note: this's a player save only.  I'll re-profile when I put in
object saving as well.


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