Re: [CODE] Parallel Processing

From: Dan Merillat (
Date: 02/22/00

> None of this means that CircleMUD shouldn't, at some time in the future,
> offer some sort of threading, even if its just to fork() off some children
> (note that distinct processes can be moved to other CPUs by the operating
> system and that this a relatively easy way to benefit from MP machines).

... it's what I use as a good way to get mobile_AI.  if the brain_core dies,
the game is still up... the mobs just revert to non_specials.

Basically, it's running the mobs off tt++ :-)

Only the basics are there, but it shows promise.  Lets me do mob calculations
without worrying about delaying players.  If they have to "think", then they
move slower.

I'm (slowly) writing a stack-based VM for scripting (anyone used MUF code?
something like that)

As for the less restrictive license... good luck.   if I release it'll be after
the last line of diku code is removed from my system.   It's still very hybrid
now.  (Licence peeve:  I'm wasting time re-implementing code because of a licence!
totally against the idea of releasing the source. :P)

However, since I intend to accept donations for this at some point, it's gotta
be done. :P

Oh, ascii-3 status:  Something is eating ch->carrying and I'm not sure what...
it's dead long before it hits any of my code.  ch->carrying->next_carried=0xffffff
pretty close to the start of the game.  (imp signon, load obj 1, save)  Before
that started, though, it saves out players, affects and objects AND handles unique
objects rather well.  Release soon...


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