Re: Where can I set the start eqs and gold for newbies?

From: Dan Merillat (
Date: 02/22/00

Khayman writes:
>     Hi friends, how can I set some eqs and gold for newbies players? I wold
> like to give some gold and some base eqs to every new character in the
> mud...

look at init_char() in interpreter.c

in there, it creates your basic character.

To equip, first, edit your world and create some newbie equipment... don't
forget to make it !SELL or you'll get exploits.

Next, do (for each newbie item, possibly depending on class)

        rnum=real_object(newbie equipment number);
        if (!rnum)
        obj=read_object(rnum, REAL);
        obj_to_ch(obj, ch);

and for the gold...


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