Re: Compiling for win2000

From: Alex (
Date: 02/23/00

> what compiler do i need to compile circle under win2k, (i would be
> asuming that the nt procedure will work) and what "modifications" need
> to be made to the source. or beter yet does any one have a web page
> set up explaining how get circle to run under win2k
The README.WIN file should still be fairly applicable to Win2000, and
there is a webpage for Compiling CircleMUD on Windows (in general), and I
would assume that trying those procedures would lead you in the correct
direction.  You may as well also try the NT procedure, and then let us
know what needs changing to ensure that it does work, and then those
instructions can be included in the distribution.  To this point, I know
of _no_ Win2000 CMs.  At least, nobody's mentioned any to me.  So, try it
out, and see where things leave you.

Here's the webpage with the Windows Information on it:


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