Re: How Can I Compile VisionMUD (Latest Version) in Windows98 with MSVC6.

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 02/24/00

        First, I don't know. :)

        Second, unless you were already experienced enough with both
circlemud and the c language AND your compiler AND the sorts of errors you
get from attempting to compile a configured & programmed for a UNIX
environment set of code on a windows machine _AND_ are conversant with the
major differences between the two including being able to substitute
blocks of code to replace functionality which differs in the two
(dirent.h, for example is painful to replicate with ease), then I really
suggest you not try to do this.

                It's not the easiest thing to do.

        I also doubt anyone will even want to do it for you (kinda a hint
that you may just annoy people asking multiple times).

        I also doubt that if you had those skills listed above already,
you'd have asked... my honest-to-goodness advice to you is to put it off
until you feel you have the abilities and experience to tackle it
yourself.  Then specific questions on this mailing group can help you
perform the conversion (er..port, i guess), faster, but 98% has to come
from you.


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