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From: Ben C (
Date: 09/30/00

>A CircleMUD is coded to no longer accept new players from entering
>the game. Instead, a player must create a new character at the
>official website of the game.
>At that website, the player must create an account, and then they may
>create a character. After the character is made, they check their
>email to receive a password which then allows them to access their
>character on the game port.
>The account the player must create is free, but they must fill out a
>survey which will then be stored in a database accessible by the
>advertisers on the website.
>The Implementors use the ad money to host the game as well as the

Is the mud named SpamMailMUD?

>Personally, I feel this is immoral, but does it break the license
>agreement, since the players never actually pay for anything directly?
>:scratches his head:

 From license.doc:
> 1) You must not use CircleMUD to make money or be compensated in any way.

It says that you can't make money using circle.  It doesn't say that you can't make money _from players_ using circle.  It doesn't matter where the money is coming from; if you're using circle to do it, that violates the license.

The players are providing the mud with their email addresses, which are sold to advertisers.  If you ask me, the players *are* paying.

--Ben C

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