Re: [QUESTION][NEWBIE?] Ascii vs. Binary player files?

From: Adam Scriven (
Date: 10/01/00

On Sun, Oct 01, 2000 at 09:23:50PM -0500, Shane Lee wrote:
> All I can tell you is why I decided to go ASCII after all this time.
> ASCII pfiles mean that you can edit/create new characters without
> having to go through the stock character creation process (see
> interpreter.c: void nanny) which means you can use other systems to
> create characters.

Yup, like a web page.
It's the CGI coding background of mine coming out.

> Just make sure that all the passwords are encrypted, or there might
> be a larger security problem than you can imagine.

Can the mud handle crypted passwords?  I suppose the code to add that in
probably isn't rocket science, so it probably could.

Has anyone tackled this yet?  I couldn't see an ascii-pfile converter anywhere
on the code samples directory.
Am I blind?

> My advice: until your MUD has settled into a nice little niche, I
> wouldn't consider going ASCII. Having coders come and go is pretty
> much an everyday occurence with most MUDs, unless the Implementor IS
> the Head Coder (as I think it should be), and this can get to be
> pretty frustrating.

Actually, security isn't a real issue, at least not more than any other
system, since I'm on an ADSL link, on a home network, where I control
everything including the firewall.

Running a mud out of my house is a DREAM!
Especially since I get 100baseT access.
*evil laugh*

I'm also the head coder too, which is fun.


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