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Date: 10/01/00

On Sun, 1 Oct 2000, Fredfish (E. Harper) wrote:

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> >Okies, I hate to bring this subject back up, but I have a scenario
> >and would like some input on it.
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> I've wanted to bring this subject up for a while, but I know it's one of the perrenial noise threads here, so I thought I would let it lie. Oh well. Too late :)
> Personally, I think the licence agreement doesn't at all do what it is intended to do. A good lawyer - or even a mediocre one - could spot holes in the agreement, and after all for-profit corporations can afford mediocre lawyers. The hobbyist is stuck sending back his player Boffo's $5 contribution to the MUD, because of
> 'If you are a CircleMUD administrator, You must not accept any type of reimbursement for money spent out of pocket for running CircleMUD, i.e., for equipment expenses or fees incurred from service providers.'
> The end result, in my view, is that only the people who DON'T want to shovel in money from running their MUD are the ones affected. I have seriously considered just ignoring the licence insofar as recieving legitimate donations, but, it says what it says and it is Jeremy's work (originally). I believe he has said (paraphrasing from memory) 'At the time I wrote the licence I was severly pissed off at many DikuMUDs running in blatant violation of the licence, and so, I may have gone a bit overboard.' Am I right that he has said this, and if so, why does he not add something to the licence such as:
> '1) If you are currently following the original circlemud licence, you have the option of accepting the 'revised circlemud licence' shown here. /* Because, legally, Jeremy can't just 'CHANGE' the licence that people already have. */ If not, you are required to abide by the revised licence.
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   That's all nice and dandy, but CircleMud is a deriviative work of
DikuMud; JE or whoever can't simply relicense a deriviative of another's
work under different license terms -- deriviative works have to be
licensed with the consent of the copyright holder, iirc.


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