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From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 10/01/00

>    That's all nice and dandy, but CircleMud is a deriviative work of
> DikuMud; JE or whoever can't simply relicense a deriviative of another's
> work under different license terms -- deriviative works have to be
> licensed with the consent of the copyright holder, iirc.

        Rest assured, others who were worried about this (Jeremy, and
others as well), are at work on this very problem.  There is an ongoing
discussion about the relicensing of dikumud under the GPL.  Don't spam
anyone with 'change change' messages, there's not much they haven't heard

        Why there hasn't been a resolution yet, I'm not sure.  I'm
optimistic, I think it's just a waiting game.

        On the subject though, of licencing, i'm curious as to how much of
a copy one can make before it's considered a derivitive work.  For
example, I could incorporate whole-hog pieces of the parsing code and
utility functions associated with themn into a program.  I happen to know
this has been done in fact, for nearly every editor out there.  As a
matter of fact, this is how non-circlemuds incorporate diku & circle zones
into their systems.  Are they then considered derivative works?

        Technically, shouldn't you need to include the load/save functions
as seperate modules if you were going to package them as works under their
own licensing scheme?  What happens to a merc which uses circlemud loading
                Just a curious rumination. :)


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