Re: questions on mud server and olc

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 10/04/00

> thanks for the replies on my previous question. i've a few one...i hope
> you guys won't mind. Firstly, why is it everytime i disconnected from my
> shell, the mud shutdown automatically too, although i start the server
> with the prefix 'nohup'. Secondly, which is the current version of olc?
> i've checked out the olc subdir of and noticed that there
> are severals files on olc. which version do i need?

        # of cols at 75, please.

        Check the wtfaq for your question about shutdown, look for the
word 'nohup'.  For the olc version, it's usually safe to grab the most
recent addition for the bpl you're using.  Since 2.0 is the most recent
OLC version, and the current version of circlemud is bpl17, that's a safe
place to start :)

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