Re: Running Error

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 10/05/00

> I have compile the source...circle30bpl17...
> My question is...If want (JUST) to test the mud, running the mud
> from my computer, Do i have TO own a NIC (network Card/LAN Card) ???
> Cos everytime i try to run the mud i keep getting error :
> " WinSock Error......1007" the one that in the FAQ said i have to configure
> my TCP/IP to get running.
> well can anyone help me?
        In a word, yes.

        In truth, no.

        Circlemud uses network sockets to both recieve and send user data.
Now, I'm not as familiar with windows sockets as I am with unix, but unix
allows you to create a loopback device - a 'fake' device that acts like a
network card that can only be used to talk to yourself.  If you could
configure windows with that setup, you wouldn't have a problem telnetting
to, or the sort.

        However, I don't know of anyone who has done that - you'll have to
look around.  As far as I've seen, windows only attaches a protocol
(tcp-ip) to a device, and only uses that device to communicate.  I haven't
ever seen virtual devices in windows.

        Or, you could rewrite circlemud to run in a sort of single-user
mode, where after the game is done loading, it puts you right at the
mud-login prompt.  Actually, that'd be pretty cool :)


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