Re: Stack Boundary Error

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 10/05/00

> I recently added a highly modified slayer/vampire code, and since then I
> have been getting a very strange problem, if someone tries to buy a drink
> from any shop, it crashes the mud. The error in syslog.CRASH is this
> "Detected attempt to write across a stack boundary".
> System Spec:
> BPL16 with DGscripts and Oasis OLC
> Unix Server
> Highly Modified
        Unix? Sounds...sorta like Sun.  You might want to use a debugger,
like gdb to get a backtrace, and then single step through your code if
it's a repeatable bug, which you indicate.  Then, add some debugging
statements in that area - like sending the values of data to a
file/screen.  Should be able to pick it up pretty quickly.


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