[Spec Procs] was Re: [CIRCLE] Shop bugs, gaaaa.

From: Patrick Dughi (dughi@imaxx.net)
Date: 10/06/00

> I am getting a problem which appeared when I removed a widley used spec
> prog, and now some of my mobs are throwing up an warning in the syslog,
> saying that there is a mob calling a non existant spec prog.  Normally not a
> problem, but I have oasis OLC installed and it automatically reverts the
> flags on items and mobiles into numeric format, which makes it much harder
> to track down which mobs still have the spec prog assigned to them. Has
> anyone ever come up with this problem, and has anyone got any ideas for
> tracking down the mob's which have the 'a' tag assigned to them.

        If it pop up in syslog, it should have a line like:

"The great white hope (vnum 3454) has non existant spec proc"

        Doesn't that make it easy to determine which mobs have that extra
proc attached to them?

        Otherwise, loop through your prototypes and check for any mobs
which have the IS_SPECIAL bit set, and have a spec_proc set to 'NULL'.

        Realize, you'll still have to write up something to save them.


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