Re: Shop bugs, gaaaa.

From: Emil Nilimaa (
Date: 10/06/00

Quoting Patrick Dughi <>:

> > Hi,
> > having a problem with shops.
> >
> > For some reason, it seems as if some shopkeepers do
> > get the shop_keeper spec proc.
> >
> > All shops below the vnum 70100 works, but when
trying to
> > assign a shop to 70100 the keeper won't load with
> > spec proc.
> >
> > It seems as if when assigning the shop_keepers it
> > not put that mob into the shop...
> >
> > All vnums below that seems to work..
>         You are making sure that the 701.shp file (or
what have you)
> exists in the index, and further, that you've expanded
the range of vnums
> on your system so they can exist in zones with a
number greater than 326?
>                                                 PjD

Yeah i had the file set in the index too. And i think
i managed to fix all with numbers greater then 326.
And zones with numbers like 609 etc worked fine to make
shops in. It was just the mobiles with vnums from the
700 zone that didnt want to get the shop_keeper func for
some reason...

The shops booted ok, cept for the shopkeeper, it was set
to -1 in the shop. All other stuff was alright. So looks
as if somehow something is messing up when they are
assigning the shop keepers to the shop...
And only with vnums 70000+ i think. The other mobiles
seemed to get the funcs ok..


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