[ADV] Builder's Academy

From: Nate Winters (wintersn.geo@yahoo.com)
Date: 10/09/00

The most challenging aspect of running a mud these days is finding good
builders. You hear this from the admin of every mud that has ever been. In
the past it has always been up to each individual mud to find and usually
train their own builders. This works, but I think the circlemud community
can come up with something better. So how do we find good builders? Simple,
you find someone with the will, and you show them the way.

Myself and several of my friends plan on opening a Builders Academy to make
available to anyone who wishes to learn how to build using OLC 2.0 w/dg
scripts. We will open it up on the test port of the current mud we run and
allow it to be used as another circlemud resource like the archives and
ceramic mouse. We will design areas that teach builders how to use wiz
commands, OLC, and dg scripts. I keep using 'we'. We includes anyone and
everyone who wishes to help.

I think too many people have taken from circlemud and not given anything
back. What makes circlemud better than any other type of mud out there? Our
stable code-base... the submitted areas... both help, but what really makes
a mud successful is the builders. So how do you make circlemud more
competitive against the other muds? We train our builders better than any
other muds.

This is a huge undertaking, the possibilites are there for some major
improvements to the circlemud community. I need feedback on this to see who
would be interested. Any idea's, comments, and suggestions are welcome.



Builders Academy of Cruel World
cruelworld.dune.net  Port: 9091

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