Gedit in BPL17

From: Jeroen van Delft (sleight@DEADLOCK.ET.TUDELFT.NL)
Date: 10/09/00


I'm running Circle bpl17 with Oasis 2.0, and I'm currently implementing the
gmaster code found on the Circle ftp-site, but there seems to be some
trouble adapting the Oasis-code used in the snippet to 2.0. Either I'm doing
something horribly wrong, or they don't mix very well (hoping it's the
latter ;-).

After some modifications, I got the source to compile, but when I start the
editor the content jumps to the top of the screen, and a lot of linebreaks
get sent. If I look at the code more thoroughly, I suppose I can come up
with the solution, but I'm hoping someone else has already adapted this
code, as to save me some work :)

I hope this was enough information,


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