Re: Compiling Circle under Cygwin

From: Henrik Pihl (
Date: 10/09/00

On Mon, 9 Oct 2000, Lewis, Jason wrote:

> I am having a problem I have not seen before thought mebbe someone could
> help me out. When I type make I get
> Makefile:35: *** Commands commence before first target. Stop
> I have looked at line 35 in the makefile and it looks normal to me.
> I have never seen this error before and I have tried everything to rectify
> it with no luck. Anyone ever had this before?

Hrm...typical case: some lines(under Unix/Linux) in the makefile must
start with 1 unix tab, NOT 8 spaces. It is easy to check, if you are
directly connected to the server (eg. SLIP or PPP) and using mc. When
editing the file in mc, the colors show EXACTLY, where the tab is missing.
Oh yeah, you were having that kind of problem under Cygwin...dunno. But it
goes like this under Unix/Linux.

Henrik Pihl

> Jason Lewis

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