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From: Sean Holt (
Date: 10/10/00


    In constants.c look for who_class or something like that, should have
stuff like
Cl, Mu, Wa, Th, in the array.

const char *who_class[] = {

Need to add the initials for each of the added classes to this

Below it should be a race list just the same also.

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> My comrade coders and I have taken on the wonderful task of implemented
> classes and races w/o the help of the provided documentation on the circle
> homepage.  We've gotten to a point where everything works except for the
> displaying of a player's respective class on the wholist.
> for instance-
> [1
>     ] Naeis the Pilferer
> a carriage return is displayed... i think.. and well, the new class just
> isn't displayed.  Titles work, skills do...  If somone could be so kind as
> to point me to the file and perhaps the lines where the wholist is
> generated.
>      Much Thanks-
>             Naeis of DaneuranMUD
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