Re: [Newbie] Overflow?

From: Kristof Reline (
Date: 10/10/00

>         Well, if I remember right, hit assumes that the character is still
> alive - among other things.  The more likely the character is to be dead
> at somepoint internal to the loop, the more likely the loop is to
> attempt to act upon an already dead (and memory extracted) victim.  Access
> data in an extracted character, and the mud crashes.  Eventually.

I'm glad you brought that back to my attention, I thought I'd avoided the
absent ch
scenario, but I was assuming that hit() checked the state of victim.. that
fixes the
"repeated use" crash I had found. Actually, I think it fixed the 50+ loop as
*sigh* :)

>         As for the overflow, that's because you're trying to output too
> much data - at least, larger than MAX_STRING_LENGTH.

Hmm I take it then that send_to_char is queued for output, hence the loop
uses send_to_char and act) is causing an overflow? Are there consequences to
fiddling with MAX_STR_LENGTH that I should be cautious of?


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