Re: Random Thought

From: Jason Pullara (
Date: 10/10/00

> <snip>
> Basically, you're just rearranging the current system as a beautification,
> because you don't like do_action() in the table, as far as I can see.  I'd
> suggest looking at the code included with the social editor (AEDIT) patch
> that is on the FTP site, to see exactly how it stores/sorts/separates
> commands and socials.  It might be the next step in what you're working
> out, anyway.
> </SNIP>

Actually it's because I am/was bored and am/was full of 4 cups of coffee ;)

Honestly, Im not sure why I would do it, as it seems like a huge bother and a
waste of my time

Oh well, life has had more mysterious ways of wasting time, hasent it?


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