Help with board archiving

From: Shane P. Lee (
Date: 10/10/00

Server: Antiquated Linux
Base: CircleMUD 3.0 bpl17 with OasisOLC2.0
(Aedit, Hedit, DGScripts 7a Assedit)

Idea: A wonderful Implementor on my MUD had an idea
and as Head Coder, I have the wonderous task of trying
to make it work. The problem, you ask? I have no idea
how to even start something like this.
Todo: Add a command that archives existing boards to
a "book" that other players can access. He apparently
doesn't like 'loosing' past posts when I clear the
The Problem So Far: I can easily make a command that
switches the actual board files where they are stored
in the lib folder, but of course this means creating
a new "book" each time someone decides to wipe the old
messages. Since the boards are not in ASCII format, I
can't just copy over the new stuff to an existing
file, and edit the message numbers/topics with my
usual text editor.
Also, we don't want people to write new messages in
the books, so I don't want the "book" to be another
board anyway.

He claims that he's seen this sort of thing before, so
he knows it's possible, but couldn't recall where he
saw it exactly, so I have nobody else to bug about
this <EG>
If anyone out there has seen/done this sort of thing
before, can you please give me a few pointers before
I do something stupid like re-write the stock board


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