Re: Help with board archiving

From: Peter Ajamian (
Date: 10/11/00

This is the less efficient but easier way...

"Shane P. Lee" wrote:
> The Problem So Far: I can easily make a command that
> switches the actual board files where they are stored
> in the lib folder, but of course this means creating
> a new "book" each time someone decides to wipe the old
> messages. Since the boards are not in ASCII format, I
> can't just copy over the new stuff to an existing
> board
> file, and edit the message numbers/topics with my
> usual text editor.

I'm not entirely sure about this, but I think you can concatenate two
board files together (cat book board > book) and the result will be one
board with all the entries from both.  Then all you have to do is reload
the board.

> Also, we don't want people to write new messages in
> the books, so I don't want the "book" to be another
> board anyway.
That's easy, just set the write level on the book to LVL_IMPL.

You will need to simply name the new board object "book" instead of
"board" and you'll need to tweak the code so that it displays a
different message for the look command for books than it does for

The only other obstacle I can think of is the limit on the number of
messages, the real easy fix for this is to simply increase that limit,
the harder fix is to put in a system which dynamically allocates and
reallocates space for the messages.

Regards, Peter

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