Re: [OPTIMIZATION] RAM (previously: Random Thought)

From: Fizal (
Date: 10/11/00

At 08:56 AM -0700 11/10/2000, George Greer wrote:
>Optimize for what? CPU/Memory are not always mutually exclusive
>optimization.  If you want the all-cpu/little-memory approach, try my
>little patch I can't current find that shoves all room message/title
>accesses into a file.  In the meantime, this is related:

The world swap patch that you mentioned:

Downloaded a copy and changed it a year or so ago to include obj/mob desc
and extra desc for obj/room as well. Also changed the accessing method. But
all in all it definitely killed the memory usage by more than half :)


Afizal Mustapa
Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

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