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From: Christian Loth (
Date: 10/13/00


On Thu, Oct 12, 2000 at 05:06:52PM -0400, Treker wrote:
> I don't think it's a good idea to have stock circle use such systems to
> reduce memory usage.
> This should be a patch or snippet...which it is--and should remain so.  I
> think what stock Circle should include are faster, better, speedier
> things--not memory-conserving things...of course, in this case you can have
> the best of both worlds...

Speedier algorithms? On a Pentim MMX 233 mhz (586, not 686) a default
Circle MUD remains way under 1 % of CPU usage. From my experiences,
Memory is more of a concern, because of the huge database a MUD
might accesses (Worlds of 20k+ rooms filled with npcs, AI behaviour,
and whatnot). Because great memory consumption leads to swapping, it
slows the system down as a whole.

That's why IMHO memory saving techniques are more appropraiate than
speeding up things as a whole. Here I say: KISS, because in a codebase
like Circle, readability and maintainability and portability is more
important than performance; Circle after all is a classical beginner's MUD.

There is only one CPU intensive thing in circle, which is the BFS
seach, which can be furtherly constrained (e.g. reject out-of-zone
tracks) to avoid 50 or so players tracking at the same time to
get your system down ;) (or resource limit or whatever).

> I'll submit some code/more specific ideas when all this schoolwork is done.
> -Treker

No one hinders you to do that ;)

Christian Loth
Coder of 'Project Gidayu'
Computer Science Student, University of Dortmund -

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