Re: PK ing Ideas

From: Kristof Reline (
Date: 10/13/00

Hi Alex,

> 1) Battlefield or Arena's where everyone is PK.
I've put this in, along with recording winners in different divisions, for
player prestige part of it. Less hostility too  :) - the arena I throw out
prizes in,
and the battlefield version of the arena (see also the snips on Cermaic
players pay a bit for, and get to "train" against each other.

> 3) To set the whole mud to PK
This also I have done, well haven't done the checks yet as the mud is soo
and barely into testing. As is I just slap someone that abuses their ability
to pk
smaller players, and we chat about it for a bit. Not viable for a prod mud
This approach I've most often seen on muds that I found far too aggressive.

> I was just wondering, what sort of PK systems, creators out there where
> using and if there were any suggestions as to which way would be the best
> go.
I'd have to recommend looking at the theme and size of your mud, and how
focused you want people to be on pk'ing - or running away from pk'ers. I've
reduced the penalty for death to almost zero, so players aren't scared of a
(or purge *lol*) or two in fun or exploration. The higher the stakes and the
players know each other, the more serious the game becomes.

That's my view on PK anyhow.


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