PK ing Ideas

From: Alex Mann (
Date: 10/13/00


I want to added limited PK to my MUD, and I have been given a number of
suggestions, and i was wondering which would be the best.

1) Battlefield or Arena's where everyone is PK.

2) The ability to set a flag on the request of a player, which would basicly
be used through a check in the set killer tag, code,  to not set the killer
tag if they are flags as PKer's. If you get what i mean!!.

3) To set the whole mud to PK, and then put in checks in the PK code to stop
players from being able to attack players who are of certain level bellow
thier own, or those who do not wish to be PK(i.e the reverse of num 2).

I was just wondering, what sort of PK systems, creators out there where
using and if there were any suggestions as to which way would be the best to

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