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From: Chris Hamilton (
Date: 10/13/00

> At 09:09 AM +0000 13/10/2000, Alex Mann wrote:
> >I was just wondering, what sort of PK systems, creators out there where
> >using and if there were any suggestions as to which way would be the best
> >go.

Well, I have seen this done in a few MUDs (and am
implementing it in my own) where people who are
marked as player killers are not just marked globally,
but are instead marked as pkillers in the particular town
or zone where they had committed the offense.  For
example, if player John Doe killed a player in the town
A, he would be in trouble (if it's against the law) with
the local authorities in town A, but the people of town
B might not actually care whether or not he slaughtered
people in town A.  I'm not sure how easy this is to
implement for player killing, but it works nice for killing
mobs in particular zones, and I don't see why it couldn't
be implemented for players as well.

> Another PK system that you might want to consider as well is PK allowance
> at zone level. There're some muds that creates zones to be either, No PK,
> Neutral PK and Complete PK.

Similar, but opposite from this is my approach.  Instead
of marking zones for killing, mark zones as to how they
will percieve a player killer, perhaps lawful type towns
will be marked Hostile_To_PK while more chaotic type
towns could be marked Friendly_To_PK... or whatever.

But of course, as said before it totally depends on your
MUD and what you and your players expect from the
MUD.  If you feel the need to be globally strict on
player killing for whatever reason, then do that, but
if you want a more realistic approach then the one I
suggested will give your players a much more realistic

Well, that's my two cents.

-Chris Hamilton

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