Re: [OPTIMIZATION] RAM (previously: Random Thought)

From: Treker (
Date: 10/13/00

Combining files is simple.  You could even use the DOS "copy /b file1 +
file2 > combinedfile" syntax binary copy.

Well, that's a little tidbit of command prompt scripting.

Umm, I am not familiar with the shell equivalent, although as well designed
as the POSIX 'cp' is, I'm sure there's an equivalent in most shells/Linux

Anyone care to share knowledge of doing such copy procedures in Linux? (not
how to do them in c++, but using the shell).

> >With a complete index, you don't really have to separate them into
> >different files.  The format doesn't care what is in it, after all.
> Was thinking of dividing them up so that I know what goes where. But like
> you said, it doesn't really care. I'll recombine them... err, one of these
> days....
> >
> Thanx for the info :)

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