Re: [OPTIMIZATION] RAM (previously: Random Thought)

From: Fizal (
Date: 10/14/00

At 05:35 PM -0400 13/10/2000, Treker wrote:
>Combining files is simple.  You could even use the DOS "copy /b file1 +
>file2 > combinedfile" syntax binary copy.

Err... no, that's not what I meant by "combining files", or recombining
rather. The binary files themself is not of any import. I was talking about
storing/accessing method. Instead of distributing the swapped strings into
4 separate binary files, I can actually store them in 1 file and access
them from there.

Just to clarify before everyone starts to argue over how to copy several
files into just one file in any OS :)


Afizal Mustapa
Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

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