Re: Exp Problems

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 10/14/00

> I have noticed a problem with the exp system on BPL16, if a player is killed
> by a mob, and that mob is then killed by another or the same player the exp
> gain from that MOB is huge often many ten's of thousands of points.

        You can disallow mobs gaining exp.  You can also make it so mobs
track whom they've last killed and only give exp to that character
(reseting gained exp between each kill).

        However, it's not a bug.  If you're killed by a mob and loose
10,000 exp, if you kill it, you'll get back like 6000.  You're still 4K
down, but not quite so bad as before.  Of course, there have been
situations where max-level players have died on purpose several times
even, to level their new characters.


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