Stock circle bug

From: Kras Kresh (
Date: 10/14/00

I'm pretty sure this is stock bug, but i'm not totally sure.
I'm using bpl17, but i also notice it on previous versions

rent at any location other than where you previously rented or at just make
it so your loadroom is NOWHERE
if that doesn't make sense just rent at some place and log off by typing '0'
sign back on and enter the game
you should now be at the reception or wherever you rented
now go to another rent location and rent
dont log off now
come back in by typing '1'
you should notice that you wind up in your old rent place
weird huh
any ideas on how to fix this?
i looked in objsave.c and switched the 'extract_char' with the 'save_char',
but all that did was make your loadroom NOWHERE
i switched it back

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