PFile problems?

From: Jason Pullara (
Date: 10/14/00

Hi all..

IM not sure whats going on here.. so maybe we can work together to get
this here stuff straightened out...

Im using BPL17, Oasis OLC 2.0, I have added Races, and I use ASCII
Player files..

When the user logs in, they enter their name, password 2x and a sex..
When it asks for the Race, the player enters it and causes the mud to
crash (Segmentation fault (core dump))

However, this was nto a problem befor Oasis was patched in (I added
races, then ascii pfiles, then oasis)
Now I know that I screwed something up with the ascii player files, core
specifically, I failed to add the race line to it (so I cleared all my
players, (all 3 of them))

Now.. Im pretty sure that interpreter.c is clean, however, Im not all
too sure if db.c or comm.c are fine, if anyone could give me someplace
to take my first step(s) twards solving this, I would be most
appriciative :)


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