Re: [CODE] Adding/removing pfile flags?

From: Lord Kyu (
Date: 10/16/00

Adam Scriven wrote:


> I removed the autolevelling code, and added in a spec_proc called Level
> that I've assigned to a mob, so you can only level at the mob.  In place of the
> old level code, I've added a line "You feel more powerful.", which means you
> can level.  The problem is, that line is displayed every time you get more
> exp (before you advance yourself).  I'd like to set a flag SHOWN_MESSAGE
> or something, so that it knows not to show the message more than once, even
> if the person quits before they level.

   Removing the leveling in gain_exp is something I have done, forcing
them to visit their guild master in order to acquire the proper training
to advance in their knowledge (or level).  I stopped my players from
being able to earn many levels of experience at a time.  My current is
being able to get up to one point below the exceeding level.  In
example, a level one player can get to one experience point below what
is needed for level three.  On do_score, if the experience needed is <
or = 0, it informs them that they should seek out their guild master.

   As for what you are trying to do with a message sent to the character
when they acquire enough experience, maybe doing check to see if they
already had enough experience for their level would prevent the message
being displayed multiple times.  This is merely a suggestion, and may
not be what you were looking for.  I know for my own personal use
though, I rather have the code make the checks by itself, rather than
adding more to the player files and .h files.


 Lord Kyu 

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