[CODE] Adding/removing pfile flags?

From: Adam Scriven (scriven@lore.com)
Date: 10/16/00

Hey all.

I've added the ASCII pfiles, and they seem to be OK (some wierd crashing,
but I don't think that's the ASCII pfile stuff), but I wanted to change the
player structure, to add a flag (boolean) that says whether they've been
told they can level or not (took out auto-level).

I removed the autolevelling code, and added in a spec_proc called Level
that I've assigned to a mob, so you can only level at the mob.  In place of the
old level code, I've added a line "You feel more powerful.", which means you
can level.  The problem is, that line is displayed every time you get more
exp (before you advance yourself).  I'd like to set a flag SHOWN_MESSAGE
or something, so that it knows not to show the message more than once, even
if the person quits before they level.

I looked through the additional player stucts stuff, but none of them are
boolean (why?), so I wanted to add a few extra boolean entries.
Can I do this without damaging my ASCII Pfiles?  I think I can, but I'd be
grateful if I could get a bit of help on this.

Thanks very much!

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