Re: Triggers / Actions

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 10/16/00

> a viable solution.  On another note, a large deterrent I have dealt with
> towards triggers on a realm I was in was the fact ever skill/command had
> a wait state.  So if someone was using a "flee;scan;move;backstab;flee"
> trigger, they still remained in battle briefly, or if their victim was
> no longer there, they still got a wait state for the attempted usage of
> the skill.  I'd rather not, but I must keep all options open.
        Actually, I've written up a system which classifies skills into a
number of subsets, each with their own type of wait state, and some
interal dependancies.  For example, if I bashed someone, then I'd have a
wait on combat-skills until I reorient my player (ie, wait 2-3 rounds).
However, I can still flee during this time.  I just can't try to kick
them, or other move requiring preparation, balance, etc in a combat

        It's not so bad, though usually combat skills get the short shrift
from reality; combat skills require more focus than something like running
away - flee causes a wait-state on battle skills too.

        The one thing that really sickens me is a game where people CAN
attack, flee, return.  On a particular mud, the wait-state for backstab
was removed, the damage upped, etc....

        For some reason, 2/3's of the players were thieves.  You had to
have a thief if you wanted to kill the big mobs, unless you were already
super-high level.


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