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From: Blaize Imperator (
Date: 10/16/00

>   With the increased usage of clients, also comes the usage of triggers
>or actions.

Was there a time before people used clients?

>From the players view, they are nice, they remove some of
>the monotony of having to do certain things,


> though, when you introduce
>a player killing atmosphere, it is no longer who is better skilled
>player, but rather who is on the fastest connection with the quickest
>and best programmed triggers.

I have several pk characters on a MUD, and this is definitly true...if there
is no lag on the track skill, a find and kill alias can track your opponent
and attack them in under a second.  I have been the victim of such.

>   To avoid this type of thing, I was wondering what other Implementors
>have done as far as code goes to remove trigger problems.  I'm not
>looking for code mind you, just ideas.  After awhile of thinking about
>it, I thought maybe I could send a "blank" ascii character ever few
>letters.  Something like this:
>Where & = blank ascii character:
>You s&ense &a tra&il we&st fr&om he&re!
>Which would show to the characters as:
>You sense a trail west from here!

This is a pretty good way to implement this would be to have
a "no_trig" function that randomly inserts a blank ascii character into the
string, then returns the result.  You don't want to use this on all output,
on things that players can/will abuse, such as track, people entering the
room, etc.

send_to_char(no_trig("You sense a trail west of here"), ch);

>   The problem with using something like this is taking into
>consideration each type of client and making sure that the ascii
>character doesn't show up on any of them, which is a near impossible
>task.  Which, brought me to writing this post.  Any ideas, suggestions,
>or comments would be greatly appreciated.

For the ascii character, you could use a random character, in the same color
as the background instead of a space.  It would be detectable if the player
looked for it, but if it was a random character in a random part of the
they could not set up triggers for all the combinations.  And normal
not trying to abuse the system, would never know that space is really a

> Lord Kyu 

 Blaize Imperator, Lord of Shadows 

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