Re: Obsolete FTP stuff

From: Del (
Date: 10/16/00

George Greer wrote:
> Here's the list of obsolete stuff on the FTP site Edward J. Glamkowski sent
> me a long time ago.  They have one month (or so) to live unless someone
> says there isn't anything newer.  I haven't decided if we'll delete it or
> make an 'obsolete' directory.  I'll have to listen to opinions on that,
> especially from Alex.
> I'm assuming the 'code/' directory was this list.  There's plenty of things
> in 'olc/' I can think of off-hand (old OasisOLC versions) we could get rid
> of.

I go by the rule, all code is good code. Even bad coding is good, if you
from the mistakes. Old code is even better because the newer coders can
from them. Keep the old obsolete files around. Even though some of the
may be included in newer versions of circle or other submitted codes. It
provides valuable information.

Passing the soap box over to the next fool.

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