Triggers / Actions

From: Lord Kyu (
Date: 10/16/00

   With the increased usage of clients, also comes the usage of triggers
or actions.  From the players view, they are nice, they remove some of
the monotony of having to do certain things, though, when you introduce
a player killing atmosphere, it is no longer who is better skilled
player, but rather who is on the fastest connection with the quickest
and best programmed triggers.

   To avoid this type of thing, I was wondering what other Implementors
have done as far as code goes to remove trigger problems.  I'm not
looking for code mind you, just ideas.  After awhile of thinking about
it, I thought maybe I could send a "blank" ascii character ever few
letters.  Something like this:

Where & = blank ascii character:

You s&ense &a tra&il we&st fr&om he&re!

Which would show to the characters as:

You sense a trail west from here!

   The problem with using something like this is taking into
consideration each type of client and making sure that the ascii
character doesn't show up on any of them, which is a near impossible
task.  Which, brought me to writing this post.  Any ideas, suggestions,
or comments would be greatly appreciated.


 Lord Kyu 

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