Re: Triggers / Actions

From: Lord Kyu (
Date: 10/25/00

Da' Kool Cat wrote:
> <snipped all anti-trigger brain storming>
>   The only problem with all of this, is clients such as zMUD include
> wildcards in trigger matching.  Something like "You are%&#thirsty" could be
> matched with "You*are*thirsty*" in zMUD; or if you were putting these new
> characters inbetween the words (You are th#^irsty), then they could be
> matched with "Y*o*u*a*r*e*t*h*i*r*s*t*y*" etc.
>   Although, on the plus side (for those anti-trigger people), this would
> slow down the client as well, making it too much to bother with. ;)
> -KC

   Most users would not do that though, for the simple reason that by
doing that they become falsely triggered quite easily.  In your above
example, with "Y*o*u*a*r*e*t*h*i*r*s*t*y*" would be set off if they said
"You are really thirty years old today?", along with anything else that
contained those letters in that order.  Still working on it in my


 Lord Kyu 

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